Keyboard Protection Cover Skins for Desktop Keyboards

Keyboard Protection Cover Skins for Desktop Keyboards


FlexShield Keyboard Protector for your full-sized desktop computers. These form-fitted Protector skins are designed to stay-put, 24-hours a day, protecting your keyboard from dust, spills, staples and other contaminates that could damage your keyboard. These Protectors are durable and can be cleaned easily with soap, bleach or other common cleaning products. Now you only need a damp sponge to help stop the spread of germs!

This product requires additional information to make sure you get the right cover appropriate for your keyboard. Please include this information in your Cart's Note Field upon checkout. We need to know:

Brand of Keyboard, Model Number, FCC Number and the shape of the Enter key (J, L or a Bar). This information can be found on a label on the bottom of your keyboard.

Also available in Anti Bacterial material. Contact us for more information.

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