IBM Model M "Clicky" Keyboard - The Classic  *** LIMITED QUANTITY ***

IBM Model M "Clicky" Keyboard - The Classic *** LIMITED QUANTITY ***


 The venerable IBM Model M keyboard is arguably the best keyboard ever made.  With the classic buckling spring technology for both audible and tactile feedback the Model M has survived and thrived on many a desktop.  Here at Hooleon we have several of these keyboards still in use by our staff after almost 30 years!  Users of this classic will often say "I need a new computer but don't touch my keyboard!" ~ and they mean it!

We have a very limited supply of these classic keyboards and are offering them to our customers on a first come first served basis while supplies last. The keyboards have been used but have all been cleaned and tested extensively and are in good working order with no missing keys or issues.  They are only available with a detachable PS/2 cable.  

The manufacturers warranty expired many years ago but, with this keyboard, we sometimes wonder why they wasted the paper to print a warranty - it seems that they "just don't fail".  We are sure you will be happy with your purchase but, in the event it is not to your liking, just drop us an e-mail or give us a call within 30 days.