Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Hooleon computer keyboard keys are made using Plastic Injection Molding Machines, shown here to the left.

Another Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Keys are formed under heat and pressure and expelled into blue container for inspection.

Hooleon Key Top 4-Cavity Tool

This is our Key Top 4-Cavity Tool by Hooleon.

This particular tool was designed for higher pressures needed for Polyester plastic.

Assorted Blank Keys after molding

Here you can see Assorted Blank Keys after molding, now ready for imprinting.

We provide the keys or you supply yours and we imprint them to your requirements.

Keytop Imprinting Machine

Here is our Keytop Imprinting Machine, where Sublimation and Epoxy printing processes and double-shot molding is made available.

Assorted keys after imprinting

Shown here are assorted keys after imprinting.

Our professional art department and high precision artwork services insure the best quality imprinting.

UV Type Drying and Curing Machine Heat Type Conveyer Belt Drying Machine A Finished Key Set

Above, from left to right, you can see our UV Type Drying and Curing Machine, the Heat Type Conveyer Belt Drying Machine and a Finished Key Set!

Here at Hooleon, we can provide you with custom replacement keys for your keyboards. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you with Custom Built Keyboards with keys made to your exact print and color specifications. Contact us directly for more details!